VIDEO: Warm Up During All The Rain With This ‘Hillbilly Yuletide Fire’

Let this fire near Terrace remind you of warmer times.

The weather forecast for the Skeena region is not looking all that great. It’s rain, rain, rain and more rain, with temperatures dipping below 10 degrees at night. 

Luckily, someone with a sly sense of humor has created a video you can play to remind yourself of warmer times. “Hillbilly Yuletide Fire” is a 42-minute clip short near Terrace that we recommend you run on repeat during the cold, drizzly evenings. The action really starts to pick up a bit around the 31-minute mark 😉 

Watch the video here

Written by The Skeena

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  1. Reminds me of the time that some German ‘sportsmen’ caught some fish from the Skeena. Not knowing or caring that this was a ‘fire ban’ season, they made a fire so that they could smoke their fish “Injun’ style. The resulting forest fire took out tens of thousands of acres of forest. While local firefighters from here were fighting the flames, the ‘brave hunters’ were on an airplane back to Germany.

    What was the point of this video ? To me, it just looks dangerous. IMHO, making a video of this big fire was just dangerous. Leaving it still hot and smoking is ****ing dangerous !

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