Check Out This Wicked Footage Of A Celebrated Smithers Helicopter Company

Silver King Helicopters is marking its 10th anniversary.

Silver King Helicopters is celebrating its 10th year in business and to mark the occasion a leading helicopter magazine did a video feature on the company.

“We started back in 2011 and finally got our machines up in the air in 2012 and the whole story began,” explains Missy Hinds, who runs Silver King with her partner Ryan. 

“Our niche market is in the mining industry and mostly precision long line type work, high elevation type work, moving drills, supporting exploration projects,” Ryan says. “It keeps us quite busy.”

Working in high mountain terrain brings lots of challenges–not the least of which is unpredictable weather. “But with our crew and our tight group here, we have it figured out,” Ryan explains. 

The video features epic footage of some of the jobs that Silver King works on. 

It was posted by Vertical Magazine, “the world’s largest helicopter magazine,” which shares “original content from our time spent with operators in the field.” 

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