Punjabi Guy Explains Why He’d Rather Live In Terrace Than A Bigger City Like Surrey

‘One reason is the nature.’

Chetanveer Singh grew up in Terrace and he often thought about what it would be like to live in a bigger city.

If he moved to Surrey he would be surrounded by other Punjabi people. There would be tons of good Indian restaurants. He’d feel the energy and excitement of a larger place.

But over the years Singh came to an important realization: “Terrace BC is my home and I love it here,” he says. In a new video he explains why he has no interest in leaving. 

“One reason is the nature here, it is beautiful,” he says. “The trees, the mountains, you step outside, you are in nature. It’s very easy to connect with your higher self.”

That’s not all though. “The second thing is the community,” he says. “Even though you are a minority here, and you can face stares and stuff, a little bit of discimination, there is a massive amount of respect here.”

Singh says he feels accepted as part of the Skeena community, and that people overall respect the cultural contribution he makes to the region.

That wouldn’t necessarily be the case in a larger city where he was more anonymous.  

“In Surrey you don’t really feel the vibe, there’s so many other Singhs,” he says. 

Terrace definitely has some drawbacks though.

“The one thing i will say, the winters are very cold, the days can be short,” he says. “But the summers are absolutely stunning.” 

Written by The Skeena

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