Check Out This Beautifully-Animated Short Film About Skeena Salmon

The film is narrated by 50 Skeena children.

An Epic Journey: A Story of the Salmon life-cycle in times of climate change / Source: SWCC

Two of the Skeena’s best visual artists have collaborated on a beautifully-animated new film about salmon. 

It’s called “An Epic Journey: A Story of the Salmon life-cycle in times of climate change, as told by the children and youth of the Skeena.” 

The short film includes the art of local artist Leah Pipe, who Skeena Strong featured last year, and the animation of Facundo Gastiazoro. “It’s narrated by 50 kids from the watershed, and highlights the external factors making the salmon spawning Journey even harder than it ever was before,” CFNR reports.

Visit the CFNR site to watch the video. And while you’re there listen to a recent interview with Pipe and Gastiazoro, in which they discuss how the project was created, the practicalities of animating salmon and the message they hope viewers take away.  

The film was produced in part by the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition, which explains on Facebook that “the science behind the animation was supported by Lake Babine Nation Fisheries and many other salmon-loving folks from the region!”

Written by The Skeena

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