This Is What It Looks Like When Skeena Forest Is Cleared For LNG

‘That’s a crazy amount of trees cut down.’

Local drone operator Scoopeddad Drone takes some of the most stunning overhead footage we’ve seen of the Skeena, including this recent video we featured of a Kermode bear.

His latest video also has dramatic visuals. The video is of an area of forest by Onion Lake between Terrace B.C. and Kitimat B.C. that is being logged. “Very large area cleared and looks like the top soil is being removed,” Scoopeddad Drone writes. “Not 100% sure but believe it is a work area for the LNG project.”

“Your flying and editing skills keep getting better all the time,” one commenter writes. “That’s a crazy amount of trees cut down.” 

Whether or not this is a worksite for LNG CANADA Kitimat, the video shows the vast scale of activity required to create liquefied natural gas operations in the Skeena. This should be required viewing no matter what your viewpoint is on the industry.    

Written by The Skeena

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