Video Footage Of Anti-Vaxxers Disrupting Remembrance Day In Kelowna 😡

‘Reprehensible,’ says the town’s mayor.

People are reacting with outrage, sadness and frustration after dozens of anti-vaxxers hijacked a Remembrance Day ceremony in Kelowna.

“The word I’m using is ‘reprehensible,’” the town’s mayor Colin Basran told CBC. “This was just the wrong time and wrong place for this type of protest. [It’s] completely disrespectful to our veterans.”

Footage of the event was posted on YouTube by KelownaNow

“This was not a way to show your respect to those who fought and still are fighting for our freedoms,” said one commenter on the video.

“One of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen,” says another. “This is somehow even worse than protesting at hospitals.”

That person was referring to a series of anti-vaccine protests which took place across the province earlier this year, including a small crowd gathered outside Mills Memorial Hospital in Terrace

“This is about our own personal rights and freedoms, which are all being forgotten because the government is doing whatever they want, whenever they want,” one of the Terrace organizers said at the time. 

But people in Kelowna aren’t buying those arguments anymore. 

“I’ve seen the best of people and I’ve seen the worst. But boy, I’ll tell you what, these people have put a new definition on what the worst really does look like,” a former RCMP employee named Larry Burnett told Global News.

Written by The Skeena

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